HANA Creative is run by me, Hannah. Hi.

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I’m a 2X best-selling ghostwriter turned brand strategist with multiple 6 and 7-figure client businesses under my belt.

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While I occasionally bring in trusted experts who do some niche thing better than I could, HANA Creative is owned and operated by just me. My client base is limited so I can maintain mental health, make a positive impact on the world with my other endeavors, and give everyone the time and attention they deserve.

Many of my clients end up calling me a life or work coach. This is because I don’t just tell you how to emulate a competitor: I make your business and brand achieve your deeper life goals. Your vision for the world. Your ambitions. Your passions.

As a ghostwriter, I’m an expert in living life in your shoes – and then helping you carve an authentic path ahead.

Oh, did you want just the bullet points? Here:

  • Polymath
  • Observer
  • Storyteller
  • Learner
  • Mental health blogger
  • Cultural anthropology enthusiast
  • Psychology enthusiast
  • Empath
  • Mindfulness practitioner
  • Feminist, activist
  • Millennial/Gen Z cusper
  • Lover of the melodrama, the Oxford comma, & tea
  • INFJ (the rarest!)

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