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I am a fractional CMO, bestselling ghostwriter for leaders, & content strategist.

The same way a ghostwriter collaborates with an author to pull out hard-hitting stories, I work with brands to pull out hard-hitting marketing + messaging.

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“... a beacon of insight in the realm of strategic planning and brand alignment.”

“... remarkable ability to distill vast amounts of information into clear and actionable strategies.”

“...the kind of person you wish for when you’re trying to sort out your brand and how you want it to appear.”

Just Imagine

No more second-guessing what to prioritize for your business.

No more wondering if your underlying branding is working for or against you.

No more casting wide nets, overspending on marketing, or losing people halfway down an omnichannel funnel.

No more waiting to share your story with the world.


You’re the expert in your business - let me be the expert for your brand communication.

Less effort, more peace of mind, better results.

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Clients call me grounding, kind, honest, and a “creative powerhouse.” And that’s because I don’t deliver a folder of templatized best practices - I deliver strategies to help communicate YOUR value to the RIGHT people, through dedicated partnership.

In 2020 after years of working through agencies and SMEs, I founded HANA Creative to work directly with thought leaders and businesses across industries. I find what makes you unique, and craft a strategy for you to authentically show the world.

My business is 90% referrals - a telling KPI about trust & results.

My Services

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High-level strategy, low-level cost

Fractional CMO service is exactly what it sounds like: having a Chief Marketing Officer without the in-house executive cost.

I’ll guide digital marketing strategy, content, conversion rate optimization, marketing-sales support, targeting, and more.

My clients rave about my ability to seamlessly travel from big-picture vision and goals to day-to-day action items.

People work with me to get clear on their brand, their potential, the stepping stones to growth, sustainable implementation, and results.

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Bestselling & Award Winning

Whether you’re looking to stand out in the thought leadership space, sell books, book speaking gigs, or simply support a connected brand through content/credibility/visibility, ghostwriting makes it possible.

Not only do I get to know you, your goals, and your voice, but also your “expertise sharing style” that makes this partnership so easy: share your knowledge and ideas with me in the form of voice memos, napkin notes, or something else, and watch it come to life on your chosen channels.

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Business Strategy & Decision-Making

Coaching for Leaders

Insight, Accountability, Priorities, Growth, Getting Unstuck

“You tell me where I am, help me find my way, and do it from a spiritual hot air balloon that has a way better vantage point than me down here in the weeds. You’re not a sounding board so much as you’re an in-moment innovator... You’re an expert navigator who speaks the truth kindly with a unique, empathetic, and innovative perspective that’s both calming and energizing. You’re not a coach, you’re like part Socrates, part psychedelic, and part Xanax.”

*extremely limited & relationship-based, must apply

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Select Client Testimonials

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“Hannah Joslin is a beacon of insight in the realm of strategic planning and brand alignment. With a keen eye for detail and a razor-sharp mind, she not only navigates the complexities of decision-making with finesse but also ensures that every step forward resonates deeply with the overarching mission and purpose of her client.

What sets Hannah apart is her remarkable ability to distill vast amounts of information into clear and actionable strategies. She approaches each challenge with a blend of logic, creativity, and intuition, crafting solutions that not only make sense on paper but also speak to the heart of her client’s brand and its inspirations.

As a writer, Hannah's talent shines brightly. Her words are not just informative, they are thought-provoking, emotionally resonant, and inspiring innovation. Whether she’s crafting a brand narrative, outlining a strategic road map, or ghostwriting, the deliverable is always both eloquent and impactful.

But perhaps Hannah’s greatest strength lies in her genuine care for her clients. She doesn’t just see them as business opportunities; she sees them as partners on a shared journey. Her personal investment in their success is evident in every interaction, as she goes above and beyond to understand their needs and aspirations, and to tailor her counsel accordingly.

I highly recommend her and consider anyone working with her fortunate. Hannah Joslin is - always will be - a strategist, a writer, a confidante, and a friend. I am blessed to have met her and have had the privilege to work with her, and I’m confident that you will be too.”

Andrea Beach

Entrepreneur, Investor

“Hannah is the kind of person you wish for when you’re trying to sort out your brand and how you want it to appear.

Without judgment, but also without settling, Hannah challenged me to get to the heart of what I do and then helped me to present that in ways that speak to the people I want to reach.

From word choice to tone, from audience to delivery, Hannah’s insights made my own sense of what my company does evolve and grow into what it is today. I’m very grateful for that.”

Michael White, MashTank

“When looking for a brand strategy partner – I was seeking someone who shares similar values and a complimentary skillset. I’ve thanked my lucky stars multiple times that I was able to find such a bad-ass in Hannah Joslin.

Working with Hannah has helped unlock greater potential in myself and my business with her expertise across brand strategy, sales, and digital marketing. She helps cut through the noise to focus on what is truly important for your business.

Hannah’s value is not just in her outputs & work but also in her patience & listening. She is a mastermind of taking a handful of thoughts / ideas and consolidating them into something that is more concise and valuable than the original. Even writing this testimonial… I wish Hannah was here to help clarify my thoughts!?”

David Greenberg, Greenberg Growth

“I found my writer/ strategist/ thought-partner/ muse/ project-manager unicorn in Hannah. We connected just as I was transitioning my consulting practice into online, content-driven platforms. She can seamlessly and strategically deliver on content, branding, production, and delivery demands.

Full of soul, brimming with ideas and impeccable standards – she never misses a beat. Hannah not only gives wise advice, but always moves the work forward faster and more thoroughly than I ever could. She is a rare find and a delight to work with.”

Anne Harbison, JourneyLead

Hannah is an incredibly gifted marketing strategist. Her patience, ability to anticipate what I would need before I did, and never ending pool of ideas made the process so easy!

She was always happy to answer my questions and walk me through things that had an extra steep learning curve for me and I’m so grateful to her! Hiring her will be a game changer for you and your business.”

Robyn Gimler, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Retreat Leader

“I have been working with Hannah on our digital marketing and website upgrade this year, and am very impressed with not only her overall knowledge of digital marketing and SEO capabilities, but the strategy and messaging behind it, in helping us to locate and target exactly the right kind of customers we are looking for.

Hannah is also a good listener, and will take the time to brainstorm with me, so that in the end, she is able to take what I am thinking or saying and make me sound much better.”

Judd Plattenburg, Oregon Printing Communications

Few who possess the desire to change the world are able to take measured steps towards making change happen. Hannah is one of those individuals.

She is agentic, fearless, and off the scale creatively.

She has shaped my organization in countless ways, and I am confident she will continue making this world a better place, with her pen, her ideas, and her collaborative approach.”

Kent Gustavson, Blooming Twig Books

“Hannah is everything you look for in a business partner: honest, wicked smart, proactive, kind, and forward thinking. She is a media/SEO/SEM badass and a great writer. I love working with her.”

Billy Peake, JIINX! Agency

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah on several writing projects, and her contributions have been extraordinary. She has consistently gone above and beyond on each assignment, and her work always elevates the overall project. I am so grateful for Hannah’s perspective and expertise.”

Lisa Clark, Ghostwriter

“Our office was in need of a branding and marketing professional who could really take our practice to the next competitive level, and Hannah continues to do just that. She began by interviewing me to determine what my specific goals were for the practice, as well as to understand the personality of the office and what sets it apart from our competitors.

Her constant communication kept me informed and in control of making the decisions on how to proceed at each stage. We continue to use her expertise as needed and she continues to deliver expedient results for our practice’s branding and marketing.”

Brenda O’Brien, O’Brien Orthodontics

“Hannah is professional, efficient, and a brilliant thinker. She often knows what I want before I even know that myself. She has a way of being able to make sense of my stream of consciousness and clarify ideas.

She is extremely well-versed in all things marketing and her insight has proved invaluable for my professional growth. Hannah is incredibly reliable and always completes projects with the deepest of care. She is a mindful communicator and is always honest and respectful in all interactions, and is particularly clear when communicating virtually, which is vital in this digital age. When something is in Hannah’s hands, I don’t have to worry at all, which gives me the time and space to think creatively and focus on the big picture.

Hannah is also deeply passionate about mental health and the wellbeing of all beings and it has been so nourishing to work with someone whose higher goals align with my own and my vision for my company. I’m grateful to have Hannah on my team and I give her my highest recommendation!”

Prerna Manchanda, Technically Spiritual

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fCMO, Ghostwriting, and Exec Coaching services all start at $3.5k/month.

If you are working with a smaller budget, please get in touch to learn about priority-driven project-based options.

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